Refugee Lab in the Media

(March 31, 2021) Moria 2.0: The EU’s sandbox for surveillance technologies

(March 26, 2021) ‘They can see us in the dark’: migrants grapple with hi-tech fortress EU

A powerful battery of drones, thermal cameras and heartbeat detectors are being deployed to exclude asylum seekers

(November 23, 2020) Technology is the new border enforcer, and it discriminates

Tech solutions have not made border control more objective or humane, but rather more dangerous.

(November 11, 2020) UN warns of impact of smart borders on refugees: ‘Data collection isn’t apolitical’

Special rapporteur on racism and xenophobia believes there is a misconception that biosurveillance technology is without bias.

(October 13, 2020) Dispatch from a refugee camp during the COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic first appeared, and we were preoccupied with bread-baking and Tiger King, it was talked about as the great equalizer, a moment to bring us all together.

Yet as we enter the eighth month of this global crisis, it becomes increasingly clear that we’re hardly “in this together.”