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Machine Learning Projects to Assist Refugees: GeoMatch & SWOT


This joint CRS/RLL seminar will explore ways that machine learning technologies can be used in partnership with university-based researchers in projects that aim to assist refugees. We will explore two such projects:¬†GeoMatch, a project based a the Immigration Policy Lab that leverages machine learning to help connect refugees in need of resettlement with communities where […]

Privacy and the Open Court Principle in Federal Court Refugee Judicial Reviews


Commitment to the open court principle is coming under pressure from those who point to concerns about the privacy of litigants. Due to technological developments, court materials are easier to access than ever. Researchers, journalists, legal publishers, government agencies, tech start-ups and others are attempting leverage these materials to pursue projects with wide ranging potential […]

Sharp Borders: Technology, Pushbacks, and Interdisciplinary Investigation


As borders sharpen all around the world, new technologies are making various human rights abuses possible. Join our interdisciplinary panel of journalists and civil society to discuss the growing practice of pushbacks at European borders, facilitated by increased surveillance and a lack of accountability. Our panel includes audio journalist Lydia Emmanouilidou, investigative reporter Giorgos Christides, […]