Faculty Affiliates

The Refugee Law Lab engages with faculty in several ways. Faculty are welcome to attend Refugee Law Lab events (join our email list to hear about our events). Faculty working on Refugee Lab Lab projects are invited to formally affiliate with us. If you are a faculty member at York or at another university and would like to propose a research project that would be hosted or co-hosted at the Refugee Law Lab, please write to us at: RefugeeLab@yorku.ca.

Hilary Evans Cameron is an Assistant Professor at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law. As a former litigator, she represented refugee claimants for a decade and now holds a doctorate in refugee law from the University of Toronto. A major focus of her work has been the process of judging a refugee claimant’s credibility. Her research brings insights from the social sciences, particularly cognitive psychology, to bear on this central aspect of refugee status decision-making. She has also explored other legal barriers that prevent people without status from accessing the courts and from winning their cases on judicial review. Her latest book, Refugee Law’s Fact-finding Crisis: Truth, Risk, and the Wrong Mistake has been published through Cambridge University Press (2018). She is currently working on an empirical research project co-hosted at the Refugee Law Lab involving simulated refugee adjudication.