Refugee Law Data

For over a decade, Refugee Law Laboratory Director Sean Rehaag has published yearly data on outcomes in Canada’s refugee determination system. This data has frequently been used by refugee lawyers, advocates, judges, administrators, policymakers and the media. It has informed litigation and law reform strategies, prompted policy changes, and encouraged evidence-informed public debates about refugee issues.

One of the aims of the Refugee Law Laboratory is to enhance transparency in Canadian refugee adjudication by publishing data on all levels of the refugee determination system in formats that are easy to understand and to integrate into the work of other researchers and developers.

Data and analysis:

2020 Refugee Claim Data and IRB Member Recognition Rates

2019 Refugee Claim Data and IRB Member Recognition Rates

Check back soon for updates about other data and analysis that the Refugee Law Lab is making available.

If there are particular datapoints that you think it would be helpful for the Refugee Law Laboratory to pursue please reach out to